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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sending Money Via Western Union Type Service: A Scam Every Time

There are so many scammers in China, it can be downright hard work trying to find the legitimate ones. So let me give you the best advice I possibly can: I do not care what someone tells you, how many pictures of their "alleged" products they have, as soon as they mention the word "Western Union" or any other type of money wiring, IT IS A SCAM.
These types of services are for

1. People that do not have bank accounts

2. Money as a gift

3. To pay a bill (i.e. car payment).

If you send someone money this way, plan on never getting it back. Legitimate companies will NEVER EVER ask you to pay this way.(Ask yourself, when have you ever bought something from a store, and you "Moneygrammed" your payment for it?) If you need more proof, just browse through this website of hundreds of people that are trying to find ways to get their money back.

This is my recent experience: I was dealing with a company I thought was legit. I checked them out on the internet, and it was an actual electronics company in Hong Kong. However, this guy had a free yahoo address(Why not have an email address from the company?) And when I checked out the IP address from the emails, they were traced to Nigeria. Then when he sent an email stating that method of Payment was Western Union, I knew he was a scammer. Also, the name he said to wire the money to was completely different, a 'Aletor Itua'; When I searched this name, I found endless articles of people being scammed from this same person. For fun, I emailed the scammer, telling him that I won't do Western Union, and recommended This is the email I received back:

"this is my HONG KONG NATIONAL ID CARD,i have never done this before not even to the most trusted customer i will not send my ID card to that person the reason is that here in HONG KONG anyone could be easily located and arrested wherever you are so everyone here in HONG KONG do not give out there ID CARD but i have decided do this because of what you said in the content of your first mail and you wanted someone who could work with you to achieve success . The person that taught you and gave you all those informations are very correct but i want to inform you that if there are bad people in business there are also good people , 10 bad fruits on a tree does not make the whole fruits on the tree bad i want to assure you of a good deal you just wait and see also i want you to know that western union is not established for bad transaction western union is a legal means , but bad people just want to make it bad also do you know that there have been recent reports of cheat via paypal, escrow mr peter with this email was cheated of about 13,000 dolars via paypal escrow but when he met me today he his happy as he bought goods worth 1800 dollars and he his happy in conclusion it is not method of payment that really matters what matters is the person that you wants to buy from , i have conscience oaky and i have promised myself to be good always and not cheat anyone i want to assure you that you are ina a safe hand just go ahead and send the money right now and give me the MTCN today and i will get back to your email with the FEDEX shipment tracking number today take me for my word i am expecting to hear from you N.B . please please please my national id card i send to you is my life please , i will send your item and also to the second address immediatelly i get the MTCN after you have your items i will require you to inform me . THANKS. Stephen Lai "


We are all keeping the scammers thriving by falling for their tricks. Please, please please do your research, and keep your money safe by only dealing with legitimate companies with legitimate payment methods, like I posted an ad for wanting to buy Nintendo Wii's, and I received over 40 responses- all fake. Be Careful and be Wise.

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6. "STIN Virtual Office" Service in China.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Putian Licheng Footwear Co., Ltd.

Putian Licheng Footwear Co., Ltd. also known as is a scammer. I ordered from them before and they sent the goods and one of the hoodies had a broken zipper so I told the person I was dealing with (Sue). Then when it came time to dispatch my 2nd order she said she did it and gave me tracking #. I checked tracking # and there was no record of parcel. Then couple of days later she told me that the package had been detained by Chinese customs. I said ok, and had asked for a refund. She said she would be able to refund only half that amount. Frustrated, I asked why only half? Then she said because its not our fault. Then she just stopped coming on MSN and stopped replying to my emails for a while. Finally, i asked for half of my money back and she didn't even give that back to me. Total money scammed was about $150usd. They are trustpass member on but aren't trustworthy so don't deal with them. They just stopped replying to emails and blocked me on MSN.

I purchased from and did not receive the products. I ordered the last week in February and the salesperson (Sue) is avoiding my contact. I also contacted the manager Cherry who gave me a incorrect tracking number, maybe so it will buy them more time to cheat. Cherry is also avoiding my contact.

They are SCAMMERS.

Natural Sound Enterprise Co Ltd ( )

I’ve make a deal with Natural Sound Enterprise Co Ltd ( ) for buying mp3 player.
Sent money 1228.50$ and confirmed order at 1st February 2007, regarding proforma invoice 30th January 2007.

Because new year holiday , Natural Sound Enterprise Co Ltd have informed us that they will be closed.
After holiday, at 26th February, they have sent email that they haven’t received our transfer.

After informing them that our bank have confirmation, they have accepted that they have received 1187$, but they break our agreement at proforma invoice. They would to change unit price and shipment rate. They have offered to me to send more money or cancel order / send back money.

At 28th February i’ve canceled my order and ask them to send money back. During conversation i was suspicious about their attitude, i have said that i’ll open fraud investigation , contact to consulate, Their answer is ‘ in 2-3 days we send back money’

Today is 7th march still no refund , either a document approving swift have been made.
i’ve opened fraud investigation against this company, i’ve contacted to Istanbul and Ankara China Consulates also Turkish Pekin embassy for complain.

These Scammers can’t live with you

Tel.:+86-755-29927716 Fax.:+86-755-29927143
Tel: (86 755) 29927125 / (86 755) 29927060
Fax: (86 755) 83665326 / (86 755) 29927143

Trademart Telecom And Entertainment Ltd

Everybody, PLEASE beware of this company all right, because i can PROVE that they are SCAMMERS!

Trademart Telecom And Entertainment Ltd
25800 Greenfield Road, Suite 410
Oak Park, MI 48237

108 E. Fourth St.,
Clare, Michigan,
United States

I received their E-mail, and that what was writing there:

Thank you for your Email,
We sell the requested Items the Playstation 3 60gb for $280usd then the 20gb of it its for $240usd, Nintendo wii is for $200usd all the prices includes shipment...
For the rest of the Products we have them but we advice you specify the models of the Canon cameras and Acer Laptops you are interested on for easy price specification....Thanks and Godbless...
Our methods of payment is through Bank To Bank Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram..

Sony VAIO B100B - Pentium M 755 2GHz 100GB HD - 14.1 TFT .... $520
Sony VAIO T350P/L 1.2 GHz VGN-T350P/L .... $390
Sony VAIO PCG-V505AC Notebook Intel Pentium 4 M-1.8GHz .... $550
Sony VAIO FS680/w VGN-FS680/W .... $499
Sony VAIO FS742/w Notebook - VGN-FS742/W .... $390
Sony VAIO A600P - Pentium M 740 1.73 GHz - RAM 512 MB .... $640
Sony VAIO Pentium M 1.6GHz Centrino Wireless B+G .... $380
Sony VAIO VGN-FS740W VGNFS740W Notebook .... $399
Sony VAIO A600 Notebook-VGN-A600B01 VGN-A600B01 .... $350
Sony Vaio A140 Pentium M 1.5GHz / 15.4-Inch / 256MB ...$585
Sony VAIO VGN-T150P/L VAIO T150 Cent 1.1G 40GB-XPP .... $800
Sony VAIO A230 Centrino 1.6G 60GB 512MB XPP 15-X XB DVD .... $699
Sony VAIO B100 VGN-B100B03 .... $340
Sony VAIO PCG-GRX500K4 .... $1,370
Sony VAIO T370P/L 1.2 GHz VGN-T370P/L .... $1,080
Sony Vaio A140 Pentium M 1.5GHz / 15.4-Inch / 256MB .... $300
Sony VAIO Pentium M 1.8GHz XP Pro VGNB100B35 .... $335
Sony VAIO T240P Cent PM 1.2G 512MB 60GB DVD/CDRW 10.6W XB XP ....$700
Sony VAIO A600P - Pentium M 740 1.73 GHz - RAM 512 MB .... $900

The proof? I actually decided to drive there by my car to check it out.
Some cruel guy named Williams Scott, his email is

He told me to meet at 25800 Greenfield Road. He confirmed that the address is correct. But guess what? THAT address don't exist!! . there are 25900, went in, checked with the information clerk, she said she doesn't recognize the company's name, and there is no such thing as #25800 on Greenfield Rd.

I called and called that man.... no one ever picks up the phone.


Acer Aspire from Hariara Ltd

I had ordered one laptop Acer Aspire from Hariara Ltd (Bandung) Indonesia for $275, and I send the money to the attention of Muji. The money was bank transfer. I never heard from the comapany and never received the laptop. The company is a big scam.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


WARNING : to all buyers this suppose to be a trusted co is a scammer.

Company Name: E S - SON KB
Country/Territory: Sweden
Address: Nygatan 51, Skelleftea, Skelleftea, Sweden
Products/Services We Offer: Computer, laptop, mobile
Business Type: Trading Company
Legal Representative/CEO: Hans Goran Karlstedt
Phone: 46-90695763-7

I ordered an item from there website because they take credit card payments instead sending western union and i used a credit card with low limit i use just in case i'm suspicious of a co because there prices was too good to be true....If they charged the right amount they would have got away with it then i had to deal with the credit card co(amount was $410) but they got greedy and tried to charge from 1200 to 2500 from 3 different countries including Sweden and England,i got a call from the credit card co to check if authorized these charges,i canceled the card right then so i got lucky....
If any of you sent western union or any method of payments beside credit card kiss your money goodbye,this co just a front to get your credit card information only don't be taken in by all the award and there trusted seller logo and there elaborate website...ITS ALL FAKE

Monday, March 12, 2007

What can a factory visitation bring you in China?

Last week I paid several factory visitations to some Shenzhen-based companies in China upon request of some foreign buyers. All the three companies are Gold member or Trust pass members in Shenzhen, who all claimed that they were real manufacturers of electronics in China. I’m sure most of the foreign businessmen will be astonished at the result of my visitation in Shenzhen; here is the basic information from my visitation report:
Company One:
Decline my visitation on the pretext of goods shortage, but they promised to receive us before our departure to Shenzhen.

Company Two:
Received us at an office in a Hotel, there are 3 salespersons working in the office. We cannot even find a Logo on their company in the office and on the door. They are checked out to be a small offshore trading company in China.

Company Three:
This is the best one among the three. They are a registered small trading company in China, however, they do not have their own right to export ( I mean they do not have the Certificate of Import & Export issued by local government authorities ), they normally export their goods via Freight Forwarders, for which the buyer may bear some risks. They registered only on 2005.08.26; however, they claimed themselves they registered in 1999 on-line. They do not have any factories at all. They cannot show me any quality control measures and after sale services in written forms; they cannot even show me a formal sales contract!!

My suggestion: You’d better deal with larger trading companies or manufacturers directly for sake of better quality control in China. Lot of trading companies disguise to be a real manufacturer in China, so a factory visitation or inspection is very necessary for a large order in China! A factory visitation can tell you everything about the supplier and it’s one of the best way to verify your Chinese supplier!

What can a factory visitation performed by a local bring you ?
As we all know, there are many false things on the web, which perplex us often when we are going to make a decision. The case is also true with buyers who are going to buy from oversea suppliers. Here I bet a factory visitation (better by a local person) is a second-to-none solution.
1.Genuine or False?
The local person can go and check the company (the potential seller) and all its factory registration information to see if it’s a genuine and serious enterprise. This is the basic thing that any buyer has to do before any sincere cooperation!
2.Production Competence (Throughput)?
The visitor can inquire about the factory’s producing ability (also known as throughput) with the director of Production Department. How much can they produce in a month or a quarter? By learning their production competence, the buyer can avoid the risk of a delayed delivery to some extent.
3.Quality Control?
The visitor can try to get to know the factory’s quality control system with the help from the director of Quality Control Department. He can also get to know more by inspecting their assembly lines or work shops. Good quality is always one of the crucial things that buyers are always pursuing.
4.After-sale Service?
After-sale service is also important for buyers. Here the visitor or inspector can make sure if the factory can offer good and effective after-sale services and also confirm if they can include after-sale services as one clause in the contract? After-sale services can keep you free from some troubles.
5.Export License?
Some suppliers do not really have export license. Here the visitor can check the supplier’s registration information with the local customs to see if it can really export directly to the buyer’s country. This is also one of the factors that can free you from being scammed. Other qualifications of the supplier can also be checked out by a local expert in this field in China.

Thank you for your attention, good luck, everybody!

We Can HELP you to VERIFY companies.

Hi i have bought some items of a web site called i sent them there money through western union and they received it. Now they are saying i need to send an extra $298 dollars because it is kept by maritime customs?
I asked them if they are registered with Chinese government authorities they said yes i asked them for the number and they sent me this -Beijing No. 06063905 ICP equipment .
I was wondering if what they are saying is true and are they an actual company or scammers?

I'm sorry to tell you that you have been scammed by them in China. So many similar cases occurred before. Take care and do not pay them before verification of them in China !

Jk Company or Ningbo Kaida Cosmetic Co.Ltd are SCAMMERS

In Thailand, some sellers are honest they would tell that this is a copy, A Grade from Hong Kong or Singapore. But some don't tell, taking the advantage of the good imitations. Have a look at this:

In regards to JKperfume - I suggest you don't deal with them, cause i sent money and no goods have been sent after promising to deliver the next day, Its been a month and I am still waiting

Jk Company - & Ningbo Kaida Cosmetic Co.Ltd. - are the same SCAMMERS.

I'm 100 % sure that this is a stupid scammer located in Quanzhou, Fujian province. He made too many mistakes on his add, post code and tel. All his contact information betrayed him as a stupid cheater in China.
Please keep away from this supplier:

Do not forget to verify your partner before your payment next time ! I CAN HELP YOU TO VERIFY.


Gameway House
Qingyang road
Telephone NO 0596-2214033

This supplier is a stupid scammer according to his add offered.
On the one hand, this add does not exist at all.
On the other hand, this area code number---- 0596 is not for Quanzhou prefecture, 0596 is tel number for Zhangzhou prefecture in China, while 0595 is for Quanzhou, Fujian province.

Xiuyu Daitou Supply and Marketing Artel Communication Salesroom

Company Name: Xiuyu Daitou Supply and Marketing Artel Communication Salesroom
Contact Person: Wenqi Xie

Address: Daitou Street, Daitou Town, Xiuyu District, Putian City, Fujian Province. China
Zip: 351166
Telephone: 86-594-6619559
Fax: 86-594-6619559

I have to tell you that this is a typical scammer in China. One of the buyers from was scammed several days ago!!

Never pay them a penny! There are too many scammers in Putian!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

China Putian M-nami Shoes & Clothing Co.,ltd

China Putian M-nami Shoes&clothing Co.,ltd - a China Professional Exporting Company Which Supply Many Kinds Of Brand.

I sent 200$ to M-nami, they are a fraud and dishonest people they don't answer to emails, so i have put post of there business on most of my sites.

The fraud company M-nami is now China Fubu trade Co.,Ltd
with their Web-site :

China Fubu trade Co.,Ltd which is listed in Alibaba. As you can see they are fraud too and so they must be the same person. Be careful.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Contract Scammers

Here are my tips for you:

1. Do not come to China to sign the contract before your verification on your partner because there are several similar cases have been posted on-line before. Most of these buying scammers are from Henan province. They will try to rip you off when you're in China.

2. They are professional scammers in China, some of them can offer you some real documents, so a factory visitation is necessary for verifying these kinds of scammers in China. If your order is large enough, I do suggest you'd better hire a local Chinese like us to pay a visit them in China before your further discussion on this order as it seems like a trade trap. We have visited several foreign companies and have checked out dozens of similar scammers in China.

Good luck in your business!

Keenmas International Trading Co.,Ltd

Want to do business with Keenmas? Heres my experience about that company.
All the promises of good quality new phones, good price, good delivery "bla bla bla". Sent me broken cases, used phones, missing memory card, missing accessories
refused to acknowledge my claim.
After you sent out payment they will somehow "out of stock" so they still owed me $300.
Currently i have been calling them every now and then to get my refund but their boss is too busy not caring.

DO NOT buy from them! I bought 2 phones from them and both had faulty reception. They were junk. So my experience with them is currently 0% good, 100% bad products.
Then i asked them are they refurbished or OEM 'high quality' and they wouldn't even give me a straight answer. They said "You have received the phones, so you know the quality. The phone is original." Yeah, i know the quality, it's crap!
They said they are going to give me 2 new phones in my next order but my next order, they'll probably give me the same crap goods as well.
They kept saying that the phones got damaged during shipping but i've never heard of internal damage to a phone during shipping. There was no damage on the outside.

Here is their full information:

Keenmas International Trading Co.,Ltd
ADD: F.Rm 6/G, Yongfu Bldg. Guoqi Tower. Shangbu SouthRd. Shenzhen. China.
Tel: 86-755-82129566 86-755-25911726 86-755-83043526
Fax: 86-755-25911716 86-755-83043516
Yahoo: keenmaskenny

THEY Will Send you Used or Broken Phones. Be Carefull They are SCAMMERS.

Winna Shoes Co. Ltd.

I must advise utmost caution when dealing with this company. They are
very dubious, for the following reasons:

1. On their website,, they claim that their
company is in business since 1998. However, all marks they have left
on the Web are considerably younger - I found their company not
mentioned anywhere before summer 2006. What have they done in the 8
years before? And what is also suspicious: The company is mentioned
only on Business-to-Business market place websites, where anyone can
pretend to be a company whithout being checked for being legit. Those
sites are the preferred hunting grounds of scammers with fake

2. I also checked the ownership record of their Web domain, As I found out, the domain was registered only rather
recently, on 3 June 2006 (which clearly collides the "copyright
2005-2006" on the website). And it will expire already after just one
year, on 3 June 2007. First, it is unlikely that a company waits 8
full years before doing something as essential as registering a domain
- and they obviously have no other website than this one. And then, it
is highly suspicious that the domain was registered for only one year.
Such short-lived domains are usually used by scammers who use
"disposable" domains which they simply abandon once they are not of
use any longer. It is hard to believe that a reputable company would
do this.

3. They insist on advance payment via Western Union. This method of
payment is hardly used by reputable companies. However, scammers often
use it since it is impossible to trace who actually received the money
or, if a fraud has been detected, to call back the transferred amount.

4. They use free Yahoo and Hotmail e-mail addresses. This is extremely
unlikely for a real company, but it would be typical for scammers.
These free e-mail accounts can be set up anonymously, and there is no
way to ever find out who actually uses them, so a fraudster avoids the
danger of being traced.

5. The website is not only very poorly made, they also stole the
banner somewhere. It displays the word "ASP99", which has obviously no
whatsoever connection with this "company". It makes no sense at all.

The final conclusion: There is reason not to trust this company. They
are very shady. They are SCAMMERS.

Friday, March 9, 2007

PC Sky International Trade Co. Ltd.

I must advise utmost caution when dealing with this company. They are
very dubious, for the following reasons:

1. The first thing I did was to check the ownership record of their
Web domain, . I found out that the domain was
registered only quite recently, on 19 February 2006, and that it will
expire after only one year, on 19 February 2007. First I must stress
out that such "great" companies that suddenly appeared out of nowhere
are generally shady. Then, it is a well-known practice of scammers to
register such short-lived "disposable" domains which they can simply
abandon once they are not useful any longer. It is certainly not
typical for reputable companies.

2. Their website is an utter mess, looking most unprofessional. Such
worthless design is not at all inspiring confidence. And what is
interesting, too: They stole their "Company Information" text in the
Customers Service section of their website and at TradeKey from other
scam sites (it's a quite common text among fraudulent electronics
sellers) and clumsily replaced the introductorily first sentence with
a poorly-written line they made up themselves and which stylistically
does not go with the rest. Besides, it makes no sense to welcome
readers at TradeKey with the words "welcome to our".

3. The fact that all the prices are in US dollars only clearly shows
that they aim only at victims in the USA. If they really had Europe as
one of their main markets, they would most likely prices in Euros and
British Pounds, too or at least offer an option to display prices in
those currencies. A real company would hardly annoy their important
European customers this way.

4. The company is mentioned only on Business-to-Business market place
websites, where anyone can pretend to be a company whithout being
checked for being legit. Those sites are the preferred hunting grounds
of scammers with fake companies.

I would not trust them. The warning signs are too strong. They are SCAMMERS

China Gamezone Trade Co., Ltd

China Gamezone Trade Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Ms. Tyty Wu
Job Title: Sales Manager
Department: Sales Dept.
Address: No. 65, Meiyuan Rd,, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal Code: 351100
Telephone: 86-594-6621100
Fax: 86-594-6621100

I'm sure this is a typical scammer in Putian, China.

China Authority of Industry and Commerce

Most of China Authority of Industry and Commerce (AIC) have websites, such as Beijing AIC Office and Shanghai AIC Office etc.. On these websites, visitors can check out a company's simple AIC information free, such as registration number, legal person, registraton address and business scope etc.. But no AIC websites offer services in English.

In China mainland, companies invested by domestic capital needn't register a comapny name in English, so they can creat or translate their names into English as they like. In China mainland, all legal companies need a company name in Chinese and only foreign or sino-foreign companies register company name in English.

Below are some websites of AIC offices at defferent levels

a. Beijing AIC\ Beijing Credit Website:
b. Shanghai AIC:
c. Shenzhen AIC:

(note: this is a very good website, as its online data base is very good.)

d. Zhejiang AIC:
e. Guangzhou AIC:

If you can find registration info of a company you are checking on these website, it means that the company has been registered in the local AIC Office, but does not mean the company has good credit.

Xi ’an Yu Xin Import & Export Co., Ltd

Company name: Xi ’an Yu Xin Import & Export Co., Ltd
Address: Shaanxi, China.
Tel: +86-029-87800186
Fax: +86-029-62968266
contact person: Guoqin Zhang

Mr. GUOQIN ZHANG of the above company invited us to meet them in Сhina to sign a contract face to face with their CEO. When we hesitated to give the 2,000 US $ they didn’t meet my General Manager and my Marketing Director who travelled all along from Bangkok, Thailand to China. My 2 superiors spent 2 days and 2 nights in the hotel booked by GUOQIN ZHANG but they met nobody and there was no company seen. (I want to make it clear that we shouldered all the expenses including the booked of the hotel made by the person above).

Beware of these scammers who pretended to be a buyer. They are still advertising in!!!!

IPODS in CHINA!!! Don't DO IT!!

It is my understanding that the company that makes ipods for Apple would NEVER sell out the back door and risk losing face with Apple. Therefore, all ipods from China are refurbs, fakes, or scams....beware !!!!!

Think twice)

First Pioneer Components Ltd.

a. The problem with Chinese companies is usually the quality or authenticity of the goods, not that they don't deliver. The fact that they don't have many hits in Google and still provide so many different brand mobiles is enough reason to be suspicious. They do not even have a website.

For me, it's hard to tell how legitimate a Chinese company is. When it comes to doing due diligence as a company, there are individuals and companies who can assist you for a price. They are not difficult to find if you read the Alibaba forums.

I found a complaint against them here:
I ordered just 3 phones from First Pioneer Components Ltd.
This company is located at:
Room 16/O, Duhui 100 Building B, Zhonghang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China
Their contact number is: 86-755-82814078.

I basically want to share my very terrible experience i had with this company. But before that i want to know, Dear Mr. Alibaba, whoever you may be, When you say you authenticate someone as a gold supplier, you only make sure he delivers his goods. However a Gold supplier doesnt mean he's a good supplier! The goods i bought from this company did arrive. They were not packed in a box but instead wrapped in brown paper and taped around with a brown adhesive tape! My phone box packaging came in damaged. Moreover the phone which i ordered was 7360 Amber and what i got was a 7360 box labelled Amber outside and the phone that was inside was Coffee Black. The imei codes for the phone box and the phone obviously didnt match. Thats the second issue. The third thing i found out was that the company sold me a refurbished 7200 nokia claiming that its brand new! They had actually lied to me thinking that i wont find out. All these factors had really F***ed me off! When i complained to them about this they just told me that i would get a discount the next time round. How much?? 3 usd discount for my next order! After this you still expect me to order from them! Never! I asked them to compensate the amount. They said return back the phone and they will refund me the full amount. Then what will happen to my bank fees when i initially paid to send them money to buy the phones, the shipping cost i paid for the phones to be shipped here! Now they expect me to ship my phones back to them and they want me to bear shipping cost coz of their mistake! Where is the justice in this. Then they suggested that they will pay me 50USD then they are giving me excuses that the transfer charges are more than 50USD. Well western union doesnt Charge much. Well my feedback for this company is going to be zero out of a million points. I will make my problem known to everyone in this website. Gold supplier doesnt mean good supplier. Im not defaming anyone neither am i abusing anyone. I just want people to be more aware of things going around in here. Dont get cheated because they are verified. Cause people still cheat. I want ACTION TO BE TAKEN! I will make sure i spread this awareness to everyone. This will be the feedback for first pioneer ltd! I want you to reply to this thread on what you going to do about my 50USD. Well i hope i gain some sympathy from people who have been in my shoe at one point of time are going to be soon....

DO NOT Order from First Pioneer Components Ltd.
I placed an order for 50 mobile sets worth around $10,000.
They delivered but all sets are faulty and with \defects. They are not brand new as promised. I've complained to them several times but they never answer back.

King Industrial Co., Ltd

Company: King Industrial Co., Ltd
Address: No. 66, Gardon, Village Qing Yan Fu
PC: 322000
Country: China (Mainland)
Phone: 86-579-5200429
Fax: 86-579-5200429

But in Google i have found that King Industrial Co., Ltd is not Chinese company, but it's Japanese Copmany. Take a look at their WEBSITE.

I think I made a huge mistake paying them for items that they have no intention of sending. It's been over a month. The items were supposed to have been shipped within 10 days of payment received.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Daintiness Games wholesale Trading Co., Ltd

Daintiness Games wholesale Trading Co., Ltd
103# jians road ,, nanping city,, fujian Province, China,
China 353000
Telephone: 86-0591-87698985

They are a Silverkey Member over at The site looks pretty legitimate - I even tried test ordering some phones, and when I entered too high of a quantity, it gave me a message stating "out of stock" which would seem like they are actually running some sort of inventory database.

From my experience, it's a typical business scammer located in Fuzhou prefecture, Fujian province. As you see, the telephone code 0591 is for Fuzhou prefecture while for Nanping city, it's 0599.


IF Fraud Company from Dalian

In case your partner is from Dalian, please try to contact with local administrative organs in Dalian, Shandong province.

If your partner is a legal company in China, you may report your case to them and ask for help from local officials. If deal with an illegal company in China, they will not solve any issue for you in China. This is why more and more foreign buyers or sellers verifying their partners in China nowadays.

Be careful next time!

Putian Lexiang Plastic Co., Ltd.



Company Name: Putian Lexiang Plastic Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Jiandong Xu/richayuan

Address: Xizhu Industrial Park, Gongchen Office, Licheng District, Putian City, Fujian Province. China
Zip: 351100
Telephone: 86-594-2677366, 86-13950776688
Mobile Phone: 86-13950776688
Fax: 86-594-2677399




Chenxiang Goodrun STORE

Be Careful for Chenxiang Goodrun STORE is a scammer , i have send 500$ for 2 mobile phone nokia N95 and i never see them .In first they sent a wrong tracking number to me and after any reply .They don't want to talk with me .

BE CAREFUL !!!!!!![em6][em6][em6]

Chenxiang Goodrun STORE IS A SCAMMER

I too was attracted by their low prices , but put off by the fact that they refused to accept Escrow services, for the 1st transaction either.

The banking details they provided for the T/T was also in the name of an individual Yuyin Zhao.

I have since set about tracking some details down for Cnfootbaby, here is the registration details for the domain,

First Name:Yu Yin
Last Name:Zhao
Address: Putian City Fujian province China
ACCOUNT NO.: 4552301-01880876105
BENEFICIARY INSTITUTION: Bank of china putian branch
Tel: 86-133-05942356

Administrative Contact:
zhao yuyin
fujian Fujian 350000
tel: 13305942356
fax: 13305942356

I would not buy from them. I ordered a shipment of PS3's and some ipods from them, and they sent me 2 pairs of shoes. I contacted them after it took a month for the wrong order to arrive, and told them I recieved the wrong thing. I then place an order for some nintedo wii's and the affimeded that they got the money and after that... they never repied to anymore of my e-mails.

Do not trust this company!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

Zhengzhou Century Union Ocean Mechanical Equipment Import&Export Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Century Union Ocean Mechanical Equipment Import&Export Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Qinguoqing
Tel: +86-371-63690236
Fax: +86-371-67028382
Address: No.72 Nong Ye Road, JinShui District, Zhengzhou, China

They place a high quantity of machinery orders to us and would like us go to China to sign a Purchase Contract. However, we couldnt find their details by internet, there are no other websites link to them, only one page of website.

Moreover, our sourcer in China try to give them a call, she just inform us they are trader and we couldnt check the registered number, some sort like 114...or something


Shaanxi Aoajian Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Aoajian Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

We sent some samples to this company about 10 days ago but now do not succeed to get in touch with them on the phone nor on the mobile and they do reply to our e-mail.
Be carefull.....

Now they eve not listing at


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nike shoe companies

I noticed a lot of these Nike shoe companies popping up everywhere and for some reason they all have Gold Supplier status now. I find this weird that Alibaba would honor these companies Gold Supplier status when they are totally selling fake Nike shoes. to the public. I have checked these companies out, not all but alot of them and they will admit they are copy shoes.

And what a surprise, last year you could not find an XBOX 360 on Alibaba anywhere unless it was UK or NIGERIA fraud/scammers, but this year with all these Nike shoe companies and their Gold Supplier status, they are all offering the PlayStation 3's even though Sony Playstation is in a massive global shortage. I understand Japanese versions are still around in bundles, but through contacting some of these shoe companies who say they sell the system, they say they have the US Version!

I asked them how much to ship 1 unit for sample to North America, they reply with, it is included in the price. Hrmmm.... I then ask, "Ok, well how much to ship to the UK?", again they say its included in the price.

This does not make sense. Also they have pictures on their Alibaba Gold page with Playstation 3 Units of all types, even prototype units and colors that are not even out yet or may never come out. Some of the pictures also have a website address printed across the graphic for a totally different website.

I decided to type in one of these websites that i saw on the graphic picture and was taken to yet another Nike Shoe company from Putian which was selling just shoes and popular branded clothing( i am sure they were all fakes), but i did not see the Ps3 anywhere on the website.

Basically, in MY OPINION. Do not deal with the following...

1. Putian Shoe companies - they will scam you or sell you copies or fakes PERIOD.

2. Refurbished or Grade A+ phones - they are not worth it. Most companies buy lots of used phones and sort through them taking the ones that look best and sell them as Grade A+ or Refurbished. Really once they have your money, they dont care and you are stuck with them.

So don't buy from Scammers.

Very scared for my money

I have probably invested in over 100,00k over the last year in China and Hong Kong. I am very confident in Hong Kong suppliers, although i notice alot of Chinese Companies naming their companies with Hong Kong in the title when they are really located in Mainland China.

When it comes to mainlain China, i am very scared for my money when dealing with Guangzhou, Putian and some Shenzhen companies. They sell a lot of fake products and some do admit in their price lists that they are copies, but some do not unless you ask them.

Now just because i mention these cities, does not mean you should over look them. Check out their licenses through the proper sources, or just use the search engines to find out if anyone else has had a problem with the company in the past.

Sometimes in GOOGLE, i type the company name and then the word fraud or scam after it and you would be surprised what comes up. Any time someone on the net has talked about this company possibly being a fraud, it should come up in Google.

I have also noticed for example on Ebay, a lot of Chinese companies or so-called companies sending emails to Ebay sellers, asking them to check their website. A lot of the times they use websites like which i think is a non trackable web host but i could be wrong. The fact that these people are stealing accounts on Ebay and posting these websites to sellers, raises my suspicion about some Chinese sellers. Once you see enough of them, you can spot them very quickly.

On Ebay i noticed mobile phone sellers from China, selling supposedly brand new Motorola V3. They were selling them well below normal costs and were selling like 20 a day. I checked their feedback and it was terrible. They would sell 20 phones and have like 5-10 negative feedbacks per day. I am sure they are shut down now.


Chengxiang District LIDA Shoes Department

Chengxiang District LIDA Shoes Department


They are typical SCAMMERS. Stay away from Them.

NikeB2C Trade CO.LTD

NikeB2C Trade CO.LTD
ADDFujian putian �ZIP351100
contact name Lucy or Wudong Li

The Message i received:


LIDATRADE or LIDASHOES do not do any deals with these people

They are typical business scammers in China, please stay away from them!


Today i received that message on e-mail:



Don't Buy from Them. They Are SCAMMERS.

More info about Shengjing International Investment Co., Ltd

This company, Shengjing International Investment Co., Ltd of Guilin is real smart and good actors/actress performances in trapping ones into "business".
They invited and still inviting manufacturer and exporters of all kinds, furniture, jewellery, handbacks, design articles from many countries.
Shengjing Int Inv. Co, has representative office in the very center of Guilin and a yards away International Exhibition Center.
When you have signed a contract of huge purchase order, you will be asked to buy Gift for their CEO who is in a business trip. The CEO loves artpainting of a certain art painter. If he knew a gift of his special artpainter has been bought for him , he will speed up the advance payment of 50% of total amount.
They will take you to a Shan Ren Art Gallery and you will be shown a special artpainting which their CEO loves very much. After you paid more than USD 10 000,00 than you will go lunching with Shengjing Representatives, presentable lunch.

They also earned money from the hotel you are booked. They buy rooms for a cheaper price and sell to you in ordinary price. You pay the hotel to Shengjing Int. Inv.(the hotel profit is enough to pay for lunch).

They are so proffessional that you will not see any sign of fals play.

Than you leave off Guilin and wait for the 50% payment which never comes.
If you asked them when the payment will due, The Deputy CEO will say that his Company is waiting goods from Japan worth USD 570 000,00 which they had paid for. As long as the goods not come, the CEO stopped all business with forein exporters.
The Shengjing International Investment Co., Ltd still inviting many companies from abroad to come and sign contract. Some companies have been trapped into their "business" and paid artpainting from The same Art Gallery "for their CEO". One Jewelry Exporter from Israel, one from Korea (South) and may be some more.
As the price of rice noodle in Guilin cost only RMB 1.5, USD 10 000,00 is big money to feed them and their families and pay rent for their office.
The "purchase Manager" has many names: Shirley Ka, Sara Lou, Cherry and many others. The Deputy CEO who meet us is: Wang Kuang.




Their website has been taken down but other their website is still up and running.
Also is still on msn messenger scamming people out of there money. PLEASE, IF YOU COME INCONTACT WITH THIS COMPANY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN.

This company has changed there name to China Guangzhou Peak Company and there website to Please beware China Guangzhou Peak Company are scammers they are the same company that has been scamming people out of thousands.

SO more information about them:

Contact Person: Mr. PIN LIN (CEO)
Company: qingdao OKPS3 TRADE co,.ltd
Address: haibin, qingdao, shangdong, Hong Kong SAR
Zip/Postal: 2351312
Telephone: 0086-137-06430807
Fax: 0086-532-67893369
their website is

We are trying to get the local police where these people are located to take on this case. So the more we have to back us the better.

SO look what i've found:

Their website is registered for just one year, it was created on September 26th. This would be the first red-flag.

Their phone number is the same as their fax number, both lead to a mobile cell phone number, not a land line.

They offer the PS3 which does not become available till November.

This alone is enough to make me VERY suspicious to the legitamacy of this "company"

For more infomation you can check the thread on "Self-Checking Your Chinese Supplier" or hire an inspection agent to do a factory audit. However I don't think you would be pleased with the outcome.

Hope it helps

What can i do with company registered number?

In my article, about "How to Verify Chinese" i told about getting a chinese registration number and double checking to see if the company is legit. Let's say I get a number how can I double check to make sure the company is legitimate.

After you obtain their company registered number, you may call local government authorities to check it out. In China, there are several kinds of company types, so the numbers should be different because some companies do not have the right to export or import directly by themselves. In China every legitimate company has a unique registered company number from local administrative authorities, the responsible organ at all levels is called Industry and Commerce Bureau, for example, if your target company is located in Changsha, you may contact Changsha Industry and Commerce ( Tel: 86-731-2891606 8861324 ), Tell them the registration company number and request them to check it out for you in China. Here comes two questions, on the one hand, few local officials knows English in China, you have to speak Chinese when verify it by yourself. On the other hand, they never overwork and work at weekends for you in China, it's hard to meet their business time. This is my answer, hoping it will help you a lot.

Good luck to everybody!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Putian Shoes Factory

Company Name:` Putian Shoes Factory
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
Registered Address: NO. 852 fengmei Road, Licheng District, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland) Zip: 351100
Products/Services We Offer: Shoes and bags
Business Type: Trading Company
OEM Service: Yes
Buyer or Supplier: Supplier
No. of Employees: 11 - 50 People
No. of R&D Staff: Less than 5 People
Estimated Annual Sales (USD): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Year Established: 1998
Legal Representative/CEO: Derong Chen


Yes, this is one of the typical scammers located in Fujian.

Shaanxi AoJian Industry&Trade Co.

My company received a very big order from a company in China. The conditions include a large payment upfront, and our CEO's are supposed to fly over there next week to sign the contract. I am wary, I think this may be a scam. I know that they could use our contract to convert the up-front payment to a foreign currency (which they normally couldn't due to Chinese restrictions), and our CEO's are also supposed to invite them to dinner (twice!). The company uses free email addresses, the website has only been registered for 4 weeks. The company does seem to be fully registered in China though. My fear is that the people we are negotiating with do not belong to the company, but are using their name with a fake website.

It's the full information of that company:

1. Name: Shaanxi AoJian Industry&Trade Co. in China
Adresse: F Room Trade Square 70# Dongguan zhengStr; Xi'an
email :
Register Nr: 6100002082910

2. The following I found out about their website:

Registrant: luo jianlin, xi an

Administrative Contact:
luo jianlin
luo jianlin
xi an
xi an Shanxi3 710075
tel: 86 029 82074065
fax: 86 029 82074065

Technical Contact:
zhang yanhua
Xi an Times Information Industry(Group)Co.LTD
gao xin ke ji yi lu
xi an Shanxi3 710075
tel: 86 029 82300171
fax: 86 029 82300171

Billing Contact:
zhang yanhua
Xi an Times Information Industry(Group)Co.LTD
gao xin ke ji yi lu
xi an Shanxi3 710075
tel: 86 029 82300171
fax: 86 029 82300171

Registration Date: 2006-10-20
Update Date: 2006-10-20
Expiration Date: 2007-10-20

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:


Please, stay away with such kind of Chinese buyers. Serious Chinese buyers never require sellers to treat them like this. I've disclosed a similar scam like this online. Be careful, I think it's a scam. A further investigation is necessary for your Chinese partner in China.

Guilin ShengJing Investment CO. a SCAM or REAL company??

I have been approached by a company called GuiLin ShengJing Investment CO.,LTD. They claim to be looking at buying in large quantities and are willing to pay by T/T. However, they insist that I visit them in China to sign trade contracts. I am concerned and confused, because I cannot work out if this is a scam or not(maybe I am overlooking something)

With normal scams, I would expect them to insist on payment by credit card/western union etc and then ask me to ship to another address, but they have not done this. Sometimes you get guys asking for free samples, but they are happy to see the samples if and when I visit them. They are also willing to provide me with a copy of the contract to be signed, so that I can verify the terms and conditions with my solicitors.

However, I am concerned that they are:
a. Unwilling to provide trade references
b. Are VERY insistant that I visit them in China.

Here is Company Information:

Contact person: Henry Lu - Swan Tang
Guilin Shengjing international investment CO.,LTD.
Guilin ShengJing Investment CO., LTD. Room 418, Nancheng Shopping Mall, 26 Lijiang Rd. Qixing District, Guilin 541004, P.R. China (guangzhou, China).
Tel: 86-773-5815366 Fax: 86-773- 5857766
Compahny registration number: #4503051105281


In fact I wrote to US-China Chamber OF Commerce to inquire about them. They told me it is the new Scam and not to waste my time on them.

Hopefully people will get the chance to read it and avoid being scammed.

XinHua International Trade Co., Ltd

Here is their Website:


This is one of the typical business scammers in China, be careful.

HONGDA Industry trade Co. Scammer!

HONGDA Industry trade Co. Scammers.

Here is their Websites:

Keep away with this supplier!!!!
This is one of the typical scammers in China, they're selling fake goods and their contact information cannot be traced in China. Your business will not be protected in China, and actually I've checked out several similar scammers for foreign buyers recently!!

Hey, GUYS, They thought that i'll delete them.... AND THEY PAID ME 75$))) Don't buy from them!

Tips for you to verify Chinese companies !

We have checked out dozens of Chinese companies for friends worldwide this year. Some of the companies, even the Gold members of Alibaba turned out to be a business scammer in China. Your business cannot legally protected by Chinese government authorities if you're dealing with illegal Chinese companies. Hence, it's very important to verify your business partner as there are more and more business frauds coming forth in China. Here are my tips for you to verify a Chinese company:

Generally speaking, there are some links online for you to check out companies in China:

However, there is no English version of above services so far in China, you have to know a little Chinese to check it all by yourself. Also some of the companies did not register themselves with above yellow pages. So yellow page is not the key way to judge a business scammer in China! The best way to check out a supplier in China is to visit them in person or check them out with local government authorities in China.

If you don't know Chinese, still you can pre-verify your business partners from following aspects:

1. Contact information

Please note that whether their contact information is right or not, most of the scammers don't offer a right address, tel and fax number online. Some of the tel numbers are empty and some add and tel don't exist at all, they don't offer a company tel number, a private number or mobile phone number instead.

2. Registered corporate number

Every legal company in China has to register itself with Chinese government authortities and obtain an unique company number. If your business partner cannot offer you a unique registered corporate number, definitely he is a scammer, of course, he may submit you a fake number, so you have to check it out with local administrative government organs with the number he offered. There is a Chinese organ called Bureau of Industry & Commerce ( have branches at all levels ), which is the only government organ responsible for the registration of legitimate companies or enterprises in China. For example, for any legitimate companies from Changsha or Hunan province, you can contact the local administrative organ for confirmation: Tel: 86-731-2891606 or Tel: 86-731-2287058 , the problem is you have to report your case in Chinese sometimes because most of the local officials do not know too much English in China.

3. Incredibly low prices

Most of Chinese scammers usually entice foreigners with a very low price. If the prices they offered is too low to believe, you may have a further investigatiion to your partner to know why their prices are so low. Most of the scammers in China profit a lot by selling replicas or fakes of some branded goods to the overseas market, this is very risky because the goods shall be confiscated or detained by Chinese customs house in case it considered illegal in China.

4. Payment and shipment terms

The scammers never accept L/C as their payment terms, they prefer Western Union, Paypal and T/T etc. Also they never deliver goods through formal channels in China, they prefer to deliver samples by Express like Fedex, TNT, EMS to avoid more examinations from Chinese customs house.

5. Warranty and after sale services

Scammers never take some measures to guarantee their quality and after-sale services after your payment, they may promise you a lot before payment. It's lip-services only!!!

Be careful with some of the Chinese suppliers!

By the way, I have to mention that, it does not mean the manufacturer has the right to sell or buy in case he has obtained a legitimate unique company number from local BIC in China. In China, all the enterprises with the right to import and export has to apply and obtain a certificate called Certificate of Import & Export from Ministry of Commerce of PRC and its authorized local organs in China after their registration at local BIC. Also a formal trade company has to register with Chinese Customs House and its branches before his formal business with foreign counterparts in China. Then he has to register himself with local Bureau of Inspection & Quarantine in case his products are in need of quality control. Without the registration from above local government authorities from China, no company can deal with you in formal channels in China. Contact me for details when you need verification and other business services in China.

Nigeria Fraud Scheme

Nigerian Letter or "419" Fraud

Nigerian letter frauds combine the threat of impersonation fraud with a variation of an advance fee scheme in which a letter, mailed from Nigeria, offers the recipient the "opportunity" to share in a percentage of millions of dollars that the author, a self-proclaimed government official, is trying to transfer illegally out of Nigeria. The recipient is encouraged to send information to the author, such as blank letterhead stationery, bank name and account numbers and other identifying information using a facsimile number provided in the letter. Some of these letters have also been received via E-mail through the Internet. The scheme relies on convincing a willing victim, who has demonstrated a "propensity for larceny" by responding to the invitation, to send money to the author of the letter in Nigeria in several installments of increasing amounts for a variety of reasons.

Payment of taxes, bribes to government officials, and legal fees are often described in great detail with the promise that all expenses will be reimbursed as soon as the funds are spirited out of Nigeria. In actuality, the millions of dollars do not exist and the victim eventually ends up with nothing but loss. Once the victim stops sending money, the perpetrators have been known to use the personal information and checks that they received to impersonate the victim, draining bank accounts and credit card balances until the victim's assets are taken in their entirety. While such an invitation impresses most law-abiding citizens as a laughable hoax, millions of dollars in losses are caused by these schemes annually. Some victims have been lured to Nigeria, where they have been imprisoned against their will, in addition to losing large sums of money. The Nigerian government is not sympathetic to victims of these schemes, since the victim actually conspires to remove funds from Nigeria in a manner that is contrary to Nigerian law. The schemes themselves violate section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code, hence the label "419 fraud."

Some Tips to Avoid Nigerian Letter or "419" Fraud:

  • If you receive a letter from Nigeria asking you to send personal or banking information, do not reply in any manner. Send the letter to the U.S. Secret Service or the FBI.
  • If you know someone who is corresponding in one of these schemes, encourage that person to contact the FBI or the U.S. Secret Service as soon as possible.
  • Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as Nigerian or foreign government officials asking for your help in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts.
  • Do not believe the promise of large sums of money for your cooperation.
  • Guard your account information carefully.

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