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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Putian Licheng Footwear Co., Ltd.

Putian Licheng Footwear Co., Ltd. also known as is a scammer. I ordered from them before and they sent the goods and one of the hoodies had a broken zipper so I told the person I was dealing with (Sue). Then when it came time to dispatch my 2nd order she said she did it and gave me tracking #. I checked tracking # and there was no record of parcel. Then couple of days later she told me that the package had been detained by Chinese customs. I said ok, and had asked for a refund. She said she would be able to refund only half that amount. Frustrated, I asked why only half? Then she said because its not our fault. Then she just stopped coming on MSN and stopped replying to my emails for a while. Finally, i asked for half of my money back and she didn't even give that back to me. Total money scammed was about $150usd. They are trustpass member on but aren't trustworthy so don't deal with them. They just stopped replying to emails and blocked me on MSN.

I purchased from and did not receive the products. I ordered the last week in February and the salesperson (Sue) is avoiding my contact. I also contacted the manager Cherry who gave me a incorrect tracking number, maybe so it will buy them more time to cheat. Cherry is also avoiding my contact.

They are SCAMMERS.

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