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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


C502-C508 Building, DALIJIA Digital Park, TaiJiang District, FuJian, China

Non reciept of goods. I ordered 10 Sony Playstation 3 game consoles. I was told they were the U.S. Version at a price quoted of $390 USD for each unit. I recieved an Invoice No. 326568800 from HeddaDigital dated 10 April with payment information for TT payment. I sent the money by wire transfer on 04/10/07 from my bank (CHASE)and they (HeddaDigital) provided me a tracking number for the shipment, the shipment was VIA EMS Worldwide Express Mail service (China Post). Tracking number provided was EA822782164CN. Shipping date was 04/17/07. The shipment arrived on 04/23/07 and it was a China Post letter envelope containing a foam rubber picture frame. Nothing else in the package. I talked to my salesman who has since quit the company, the money was transferred to his personal account, then turned over to his manager. He told me that they are a fraudulant company. They recieve money for goods and do not ship them. He told me that they switch physical locations frequently, as well as changing telephone numbers. He stated the employees also use fake names. They typically request Western Union payment. The wire transfers are sent to individual employee accounts, not to a company account to eliminate a paper trail to the owner. He would not disclose the other company employee names to me, or the physical address of the company, or even verify the phone number that is on the web site.
I have since notified the U.S. FBI, and am in the process of Notifying the Chinese Consulate in the U.S., in addition to the Shenzen Police Department.

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TOS W said...

Have you recieved any comments or action from anyone, or do you know of anyone who has got their $ back

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