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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Naotone Shiyi Houschold Textile Co

Naotone Shiyi Houschold Textile Co, .ltd Putian Office Fujian, China 351100

I have the firm impression that this company is a scam. Checking
Chinese fraud companies is very hard due to the lack of companies
registers and similar sources. But fortunately, Chinese scams are
often enough very obvious, clumsy and primitve.

In this particular case, the first thing I did was to examine what
this "company" claims to be on their website. The result is very

- They claim that their company "...was set up in 2002", and that by
now, "Our business is successfully expanded to United States, Canada,
United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Brazil and so on." However, in those
alleged 4 years of repordtedly very successful existence, the company
failed almost completely to leave any marks on the Internet. A Google
search for them revealed that they are only mentioned at two places:
EC Plaza and Echinatex. Both sites are just business-to-business
marketplaces where companies are not checked for being legit. In fact,
those and similar sites are where scammers with fake companies prefer
to gather to find their victims. The fact is that it is more than
unbelievable that this "company" has been existing for 4 years now.
Rather, I'd say that this fake business is just some months old. And
this leads to #2 of my investigation:

- I checked the ownership record of their Web domain, "".
Chinese domain registration providers are infamous for allowing their
customers to register domains with very incomplete identification
(which makes China a paradise for online scammers), but this record is
even less then fragmentary:


Administrative Contact:

This most important part of the registration record for
"" tells us absolutely nothing. Anyone could be the owner
of this domain. And it is obvious that whoever registered the domain
wanted to remain as anonymous as only possible. This leads to the
question: Why would a reputable company do this? This behaviour is
typical for scammers who don't want to be traceable.

However, there is one interesting part in the registration record. It
tells us that the domain was registered only rather recently, on 20
November 2005. And it will expire after only one year, on 20 November
2006. The fact that this "company" allegedly waited 3 years before
they registered a domain is one thing. The other thing is that this is
typical for scammers: They register "disposable" short-lived domains
which they simply abandon once they are not of use any longer. It is
not what reputable companies do.

- It is also revealing that the only contact information on their
website is this e-mail address: It is a
Hotmail address which can be registered anonymously and which cannot
be traced back to its owner. Ideal for scammers, and very often used
by them for criminal purposes.

- Finally, they insist on payment via Western Union, MoneyGram or
Telegraphic Transfer. This is very typical for scammers since once the
fraud has been detected, it is impossible to ever find out who
actually received the money or to call back the transfer. Reputable
companies don't insist on these payment methods but offer other, more
trustworthy alternatives.

All in all, Naotone Shiyi Houschold Textile Co. Ltd. appears not to be
trustworthy. I recommend not to do any business with them.

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