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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Shenzhen Maytag Tech. Co. Ltd Chinese Manufacture Scam

Buyer’s or Importers from China be aware of more sophisticated Chinese scam. Shenzhen May Tag Technology Co. makes us believe that 19”LCD pc/TV skd-kit was a completed assembled LCD TV PC, they send a Proforma Invoice with photos of the products as completed assembled items. We ask for two samples to check for items quality and pay them thought Western Union. They even send few days after two pieces of junk 19”LCD pc/TV skd-kit. We contact them back and explained about the used, junk, scratch and horrible packaging of the two items; even one of the samples is a 17” only. They refused to give a solution to this problem of course we pay them for samples and shipping charges Western Union.

We are including all the information that we have from this Alibaba "Gold Suppliers" China Manufacture.
Shenzhen Maytag Tech. Co. Ltd
Rm2006, ZhongShenBuiding, CaiTian , ShenZhen china.

Western Union:
Receiver first name:mo fen
Receiver last name:cai
Beneficiary A/C NO: 41-0069-0004-002-0013
Beneficiary A/C Name: ShenZhen May Tag Technology Co.,Ltd
Beneficiary A/C Bank:Agricultural Bank Of China ShenZhen Branch
Beneficiary Bank Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ410

We believed that China Government should take care of those fake or bad manage Manufacturer in China because they are misrepresenting the really good Manufacturer in China from which you can do business. We the importer should always have in mind that we feed China government with our business, with out us they are nothing. Let put some pressure to stop Chinese scams.


ELGINE said...

Hi, please tell me where r u from?? From outside China or from within and did u have any other such kind of similar experience from Shenzen maytag Tech. Co. Ltd.

Author said...

Hello. Tell me what kind of problem you have. I'm outside of the China...

If i can help you some how just tell me...

i'll do my best

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