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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another scammed email

When you receive such a letter, be sure they are scammers. Avoid them!!!

970eur is 1253usd
240eur is 310usd!
we are all businessman, we need to be credit and honest, we need more
clients and larger market, we need your support, we can not lose our market
just for your order, I believe, if you were me, you will not do so.
Right?if you do not receive your item, you can call the bank, and they will
frozen our account. yes, of course, i am serious, i hope you are serious
too. doing business need honesty and credit, we wil not lose our honesty
and our credit just because yourself. I think, you were me,you will not
doEMS is insured air express which can offer you tracking number, delivery
to world wide usually takes about 3-5 days. I know that you may not trust
me. i can prove i am honest. I can give you some our tracking numbers for
our other customers before. you can check these numbers here: And then you will confirm our
(EA824274955CN22nd August—?,EA824274964CN 22nd August-?,EA824937685CN
31rdJuly-France,EA823158732CN 21th August-Austrilia, EA824275001CN 22th
August-England, EA824274981CN 22th August-?)
EA783660498CN EA783660507CN EA783660250CN EA783660263CN
EA783660095CN EA783660232CN EA783660087CN EA783660498CN
EA783660507CN EA783660453CN Italy EA767945016CN
Sorry, we do not accept paypal, paypal takes too much time for me
to withdraw your money. in fact ,paypal is perfect for both sides if i
were in europe or in US. if you use paypal in europe or the USA,
you only need to wait about 3 working days to withdraw the money ,but if i
use paypal in China, i need to wait at least 40 days
to withdraw the moeny, you can call or email paypal to confirm this.paypal
is really very slow in China.

Don't even talk with them.

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