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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brand Clothing from China

Don't bother trying to import authentic brand clothing from China.

1. My company is an agent for an authorized resellers in Italy. They have 14 boutiques in Italy, Austria, Spain. They buy extra to wholesale world wide, this is how they can obtain sanitized invoices from the designer houses.

2. The terms and policy on my web site is the authorized resellers' terms and policy in Italy, I did not specify this on the site and it is causing confusion as to why my company is located in the US and yet payment is made directly to Italy, this is becuase I am their agent. I do not accept payment in the US. Due to many requests from US customers, we are stocking some items in the US for customers who wants to try out a small order before buying from Italy or customers who already are buying from Italy and want to supplement their inventory. My company accept credit card only. If I sell fakes, I will ask for a money order.

3. The average wholesale price of a small Gucci handbag, comestic bag is USD 150, medium Gucci handbag is USD300, all leather Prada is USD 400. We do not have any authentic designer handbag for USD 25. The cheapest item is Gucci key chains, USD 50.

4. My phone no. is a land line, not a cell phone. You can call and find out.

5. AOL was not free until this year. I have been using AOL before there was high speed broadbrand and have to pay for dail up by the minute in the 80's. I was paying $24.50 a month until AOl decided to switch it to free like yahoo, hotmail, etc. Even though I do not have to pay right now, I still get technical support from AOL. For people who signed up for free AOL this year, they do not get technical support.

6. I resent being acused that my company is a bridge to an Italian counterfeiter.

I hate fakes and do take responsibility, provide customers service, answer many questions, even questions on how to measure a handbag, how to write description for the handbags, how to sell the handbags. I do not have to answer many of these questions because it is not my job to teach customer who are new to this business how to sell their handbags, yet I do my best to answer all questions.

An agent is a full time job, it is not just sending in orders to Italy. It involves follow up to make sure customers are satisfied. If any customer is not satisfied with an order, refund is always given from Italy. The company I work with has been in business since 1989. If they sell fakes, they will not still be here today.

7. This is the definition of parallel import: Parallel importers ordinarily purchase products in one country at a price (P1) which is cheaper than the price at which they are sold in a second country (P2), import the products into the second country, and sell the products in that country at a price which is usually between P1 and P2.

If you think buying from the designer stores in Italy or the designer outlets at a 30% to 40% discount and ship it to the US is not parallel importing, you are wrong.

8. I do answer any question or inquiry in a very timely manner because the company I work with is an authorizied reseller of many designer brands. I know about the complexity of this business which many people do not know. For example, does any one know why there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 on a Gucci contrallato card, and if you look closely, there is a missing spot on one on the number, it can be any number. This missing spot makes the number looks as if it is not printed correctly.

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