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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Indonesian scammers are working!

There are thousands of (Indonesian) companies listed at How many of them are legal businesses and how many is scam?

I can say that most of the businesses are decent and honest companies who are using alibaba to create customer contacts. So how is it possible that roughly 95% of the registries is scam?

The 95% are all leading to the Indonesian Internet Mafia. Well organized crime with connections to banking, military and (local) government officials.

How it works;

An Indonesian programmer earns 2 dollar per day. A group of programmers (100+) are working round the clock, setting-up websites, posting trade-leads etc. Everything is leading to the middle-man who also works at one of the thousands internet cafe's. This guy is answering your email or (if there is) phone.

Let say every programmer post 3 leads per day 100*3*365 = > 100.000 per year. 1% gets response and 1% of those who responding pay an average from $1000.= Income for the syndicate >$10,000 per day. A profitable business without any risk.

What they after is your money especial the small amounts. Who is going to Indonesia to recover $2000.=? Would you?

But what if you live around the corner? At least I will have a look before I buy I would say. Also for Criminals counts the same rule "good business is avoiding unnecessary risk. Why replying to someone who is going to check before he buys? Waste of time and risky. It's better to concentrate to people who are far away.

So from now on everyone who wants to know if a company is OK, send your enquiry to me. I will contact them on your behalf as East Java Quality Control. No answer means SCAM.

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